Here's Why Jill Stein Compares Hillary Clinton To Donald Trump

Laura Christensen
August 9, 2016

Public shaming of the "Bernie or Bust" movement was on full display during the Democratic National Convention, after some Sanders delegates spent much of the first day booing at nearly every mention of Clinton's name.

However, the Iowa Green Party lost ballot status after its candidate for governor did not receive 2 percent of the total votes cast in the 2002 election.

The Greens suffered a setback Friday when a federal court ruled that the Commission on Presidential Debates has the right to exclude third-party candidates such as Ms. Stein and Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson from televised forums if they don't meet polling criteria. Only when they can do that will their nominees be in a position to affect presidential contests. Clinton, within the poll's margin of error, but also a 7 percent boost for Ms. Stein.

Right now, debate rules say a candidate needs to hit at least 15 percent in national polls to make the cut.

If both parties receive those levels of support on Election Day, it would constitute a dramatic surge for both of them. The Harvard grad and physician says she is running as a progressive alternative to Hillary Clinton.

"It is such an honor to be also running in alliance with the Bernie Sanders movement", Ms. Stein said to thunderous applause at the Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention in Houston. Neither party has anything close to the money and national structural resources of the two major parties. He planned to meet with reporters outside Secretary of State William Galvin's office in the mid-afternoon to talk about his vice presidential candidacy, and maybe throw a few more jabs at Republican nominee Donald Trump, whom he's called a "malignant narcissist" with a "screw loose". In 2012, she won less than half of 1 percent of the vote.

Stein, however, has repeatedly pledged to be the "revolutionary" home for disaffected Sanders supporters.

The Green Party nominee has previously claimed that Hilary Clinton has already done some of the things that Donald Trump says he's going to do if elected president. Ralph Nader was a factor in 2000.

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"You're asking me if I prefer cholera or gonorrhea", he said when asked to choose between Clinton or Trump. Voters aren't really deciding whether to vote for Johnson or Trump, or Stein or Clinton.

"They basically orchestrated a coup of the party", said Weaver, 30.

Jill Stein is by far the best candidate for president.

In contrast, Braddock, Pennsylvania Mayor John Fetterman said a vote for Stein amounts to a vote for Trump.

Among the newly converted faithful were Blake Weaver and Lisa Malanij, former Sanders supporters who sought refuge in the Green Party after what both described as a "heartbreaking and disenchanting" Democratic primary race.

Now there is always third party talk every election cycle.

Third-party candidates campaigning for the 2016 U.S. presidential election are gaining more support among voters as Republican and Democratic nominees continue to struggle with their unparalleled unpopularity, polls show. A recent NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll showed Stein with support of 5 percent of the electorate, indicating that Sanders supporters have not yet flocked to her in droves. Undismayed, Stein said Americans are exhausted of having to choose between the lesser of two major party evils.

As long as the Libertarians and Greens seem irrelevant and outside the political mainstream to the average voter, they will not be in the electoral conversation. And then we would have two official parties, and then what makes us different from the Russians or from the Iranians or any other government controlled process?

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