Trump Claims Comments About Obama Founding ISIS Are Sarcasm

Laura Christensen
August 13, 2016

He added, in all capital letters: "THEY DON'T GET SARCASM?".

The poll found Clinton widening her lead in Colorado, Virginia and North Carolina, while holding her advantage in Florida. "They knew he didn't have an officer over there signing up people". The entire apparatus of our national security team has understood that we are not going to talk about this in a way that reflected the reality on the ground. So, some GOP leaders, including Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, instead chose to write the comments off as a joke.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump waves to supporters during a rally in Kissimmee, Fla., Thursday, Aug. 11, 2016. Clinton tweeted, "It can be hard to muster outrage as frequently as Donald Trump should cause it, but his smear campaign against President Obama requires it".

Most offensive, apparently, were the outlets like ABC that ran stories explaining who actually did found ISIS. The founder. He founded ISIS.

At a rally Wednesday, Trump said that Obama "is the founder of ISIS", using one acronym for the group. Obviously, I was being sarcastic, then, then but not that sarcastic to be honest with you.

Yeah, it's CNN's fault for reporting your own words verbatim.

The problem is Trump had spent Thursday seemingly defending the controversy-courting quote as a serious accusation in multiple interviews.

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"I mean, he let this happen", Trump said. For example, I think it is perfectly fair to say, and it is a very powerful debate to say that the Obama-Clinton decision to pull out of Iraq created the vacuum that enabled ISIS to emerge. Trump's reply: "No, it's no mistake".

"What concerns me is that followers, supporters listen, and they can take a statement like that and do something unsafe with that", Zelizer said.

So much for the idea that Trump, at some point, will undergo a metamorphosis and turn into a normal candidate, the kind who doesn't go around encouraging political assassination or accusing the president of founding a terrorist group. If the cheering crowds at his hate-filled rallies are happy, Trump is happy. They know that, because after I said that, I said he's the MVP, he is going to collect his MVP award. Not ever. You will recall that this was supposed to be the week when Trump turned to the economy. He even gave a teleprompter-aided speech Monday that was generally praised by conservatives, who clearly are willing to grade their candidate on an absurdly generous curve.

Donald Trump's egregious behavior during this presidential campaign only foreshadows what a reckless Commander-in-Chief he would be if he is elected to office in November. If there is a trophy for Most Dishonest and Destructive, Trump is determined to retire it.

In Utah, typically a reliably Republican state, Mr Trump's challenges have been particularly striking. Trump has long sought to delegitimize Obama by refusing to disown all the "birther" nonsense and insinuating that the president has some sympathy for jihadists. Gore said he was doing so "for the sake of our unity as a people and the strength of our democracy".

Trump wants to stoke anger, resentment and victimhood.

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