Jeremy Corbyn rejects Labour MP's calls for immigration clampdown

Laura Christensen
October 21, 2016

The British people need the Labour Party.

"Let's unite, turn the page and turn our fire on them", he will say in a separate speech.

Thurrock Labour supporters have hailed Jeremy Corbyn's victory after he beat challenger Owen Smith in the party's leadership battle.

Asked whether he hopes to defy the odds like Mr Trump - who had begun as an outside bet to win the Republican nomination for the White House before romping to victory - Mr Corbyn insisted "lots of people defy the odds at various times".

On Tuesday morning, despite protests from party members and union representatives, delegates voted overwhelmingly to allow NEC rule changes to be put through as one package, alongside measures popular with Corbyn supporters such as allowing a sitting leader to be automatically on the ballot.

Speaking to the BBC's Andrew Marr Show on the first day of Labour's annual conference in Liverpool, Mr Corbyn said: "I'm reaching out to all our MPs, having lots of discussions with them".

He added that "only time would tell" whether Jeremy Corbyn could win over the wider electorate.

This would wipe out his small majority on the NEC, making it more hard for him consolidate his power and push through changes to the leadership contest rules to make it easier for Left-wing candidates to be elected in future.

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Norwich South MP Clive Lewis, who backed Mr Corbyn in both last year and this year's contest, said the Islington MP had won "comprehensively" and they now needed to turn to the question of how they could become a "constructive proper opposition".

He also wrote: "How can I, a Jew and a Zionist, remain in a party where the leadership is so clearly hostile to Israel (even to its very existence) and which also flirts with anti-Semitism?"

The Labour Party claims there has been a strikingly large reduction in the number of under-45s who own a home - down 858,000 in the past six years alone.

The Conservatives have nearly doubled their lead over Labour from six percentage points in August to 11 now.

He said: "I voted for Jeremy before so I was disappointed with us having another election".

McDonnell said that under a Labour government, Britain would take a much more active role in protecting and developing industries such as steel production, which is under threat from high energy costs and Chinese oversupply.

On the threat of deselection, Mr Corbyn also said the "vast majority" of MPs would have no problems as local parties choose candidates for new and changed constituencies created by the redrawing of boundaries.

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