Mattis, Kelly to Get Confirmation Votes Friday, Schumer Says

Camille Francis
January 20, 2017

Schumer said Democrats will allow roll call votes Friday on Gen. John Kelly to be the secretary of Homeland Security and Gen. James Mattis to be the defense secretary.

That's a far cry from the seven appointees that President Barack Obama got when he was sworn in eight years ago, but Democrats say the Trump transition team bears all the blame for the scanty number.

"Let me be clear, Democrats will allow the confirmation and votes for nominees who have not been chosen by our party", Schumer said.

Mr. Schumer pushed back against arguments from Republicans that Senate Democrats should give the same deference to Mr. Trump's nominees that Senate Republicans gave to Mr. Obama's nominees in 2009, saying that the nominees defied that comparison.

Trump's nominee for Central Intelligence Agency director, Republican Rep. Mike Pompeo of Kansas, could get a vote along with Mattis and Kelly on Friday, although his confirmation may be pushed to Monday, Schumer said.

Mattis, Kelly to Get Confirmation Votes Friday, Schumer Says
Mattis, Kelly to Get Confirmation Votes Friday, Schumer Says

The problem, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) told reporters Thursday, is that Trump is trying to pick a "swamp cabinet" that is loaded with rich people carrying trunk loads of complicated ethical baggage. F-- that dude" Dem senator: Trump nominees "sad' Trump taps NY Jets owner to be UK Ambassador MORE's Cabinet nominees, calling them "unknowledgeable [and] uncooperative".

Schumer said the Senate might also confirm a few of Trump's other "noncontroversial" nominees quickly, but declined to name any. But he got 13 more confirmed his second day in office.

"The president-elect is not draining the swamp.he's filling it up", Schumer said. The Secretary of State nominee, former Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson, for instance, did not provide his completed ethics disclosures until the day before his hearing. Under a rules change orchestrated by Democrats when they held a Senate majority, his selections need just 50 votes to pass the Senate, not the 60 that used to be required for a nomination to advance in the Senate.

"Over the last few weeks, Republicans have made a mockery of the confirmation process", Schumer said.

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