New NASA Spacesuit Looks Like Something Out Of 'Star Trek'

Camille Francis
January 28, 2017

Since NASA's space shuttle program ended in 2011, the United States has relied on Russia's Soyuz spacecraft to take its astronauts into low orbit.

Boeing's suit, designed with the Massachusetts-based David Clark Co., weighs about 12 pounds, compared with 30 pounds for NASA's orange suits formally called the Advanced Crew Escape Suit, or ACES.

Advances in the spacesuit include more flexible material, soft helmet, visor, and touchscreen-sensitive gloves incorporated into the suit instead of the hard, detachable versions from the past. This is 10 pounds lighter than the launch-and-entry suits worn by space shuttle astronauts.

"We slogged through some of the real engineering challenges and now we are getting to the point where those challenges are largely behind us and it's time to get on to the rubber meeting the road", Mr. Ferguson said. NASA is modifying the ACES suit for crews expected to fly in Orion deep space capsules in the early '20s.

The new spacesuits together with the one which is now developed by SpaceX are bound to help astronauts keep safe in case an emergency situation occurs during space journeys from and to the orbit.

The brains behind the new suit design come from former astronaut Chris Ferguson, the director of Boeing's Starliner Crew & Mission Systems programme, and lead designer Shane Jacobs. The fabric is water-resistant and fiber-retardant, and the suit features zippers along the sides to "make it easier for astronauts to comfortably transition from sitting to standing", Boeing says.

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"The seat doesn't look like its comfortable, but it is", Hopkins said.

The suit is also created to keep the astronaut cooler by emitting water vapour, and with touchscreen-friendly gloves they will be to interact with the capsule's tablets while the boots are breathable and slip resistant.

Boeing has revealed its new lightweight spacesuit design which provides greater mobility and functionality. Vents also allow the wearer to stay cooler but can still immediately pressurize the suit.

The Starliner which is a crew capsule developed for NASA's Commercial Crew Development program. Good thing the astronauts already have their suits picked out.

'Complicated systems have more ways they can break, so simple is better on something like this'.

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