Israeli man arrested for threats against US Jewish centres

Jeannette Daniel
March 25, 2017

As NPR has reported, multiple waves of bomb threats targeted Jewish community centers across America over the past three months.

Zakalik said the same thing about his JCC in western New York: "Our security precautions were in place before the bomb threats and they will be in place after the bomb threats". "I'm hopeful that they found the primary perpetrator [of the threats] that we and other JCCs across the United States and Canada have received". "It was wonderful news to hear an arrest has been made".

Israeli Police have arrested a Jewish 19-year-old who they say is responsible for threats against Jewish Community Centers in the US, according to CNN. Citing the police spokesman, the outlet said the person also made threats to Delta Air Lines, resulting in the grounding of a flight in 2015. The suspect holds both Israeli and USA citizenship.

Israeli police say the suspect either worked with his father or entirely alone.

Since the beginning of 2017, Jewish centres in some 20 USA states have reported receiving more than 100 hoax bomb threats, according to U.S. media outlets. Those threats led to evacuations of buildings, upset Jewish communities and fear of rising anti-Semitism. They were accompanied by acts of vandalism on several Jewish cemeteries.

Hoax bomb threats were also made to at least 33 schools around the country in February previous year. All have been determined to be hoaxes.

Mr Anderson said the arrest showed the value of the strong global partnerships New Zealand Police have with overseas law enforcement jurisdictions. Authorities say he made a handful of bomb threats against Jewish groups while posing as his ex-girlfriend as retribution against her. Alongside hopes that the threats will cease and a sense of security will return, the Anti-Defamation League still consider the actions anti-Semitic.

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USA authorities have also arrested a former journalist from St. Louis for allegedly threatening Jewish organizations.

The suspect, covering his face. He also is reported to have called in threats to the Israel Police two months ago regarding Israeli educational institutions.

While Israel intends to indict the suspect, he may be subject to extradition as he threatened institutions in the U.S., Europe, Australia, and New Zealand over a six month period.

Nevertheless, some leaders of JCCs in the United States feel some portion of the threat may have been mitigated with the arrest of the Israeli teenager.

The suspect used technology to mask his identity and voice in the calls he allegedly made through the internet, according to the Times. "He used different computer systems so he couldn't be backtracked", Rosenfeld said. The teen reportedly used computer systems to make it hard to trace his identity. The investigation is a joint effort between Israel police and the FBI.

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