Will Democrats and Trump Join Forces for Real Healthcare?

Jeannette Daniel
March 30, 2017

Meanwhile, Sanders' Democratic colleague in the House, Rep. Peter Welch, said that once Sanders' measure is introduced in the Senate, he'd put forth a companion bill in his chamber.

Sanders appeared on CNN's "Face The Nation" Sunday to discuss what comes next for health care reform. Sanders argued the eligibility age for Medicare should be dropped from 65 to 55, called for legislation that would allow Medicare to negotiate with the pharmaceutical industry, and reiterated support for the importation of cheaper drugs from overseas. "It ain't gonna happen", Sanders said, celebrating a win on Friday.

The Republican repeal and replace bill was a "disastrous piece of legislation" created to give tax breaks to the wealthy, and it deserved to die in the House, Sen.

SEASIDE HEIGHTS, N.J. (AP) - Hundreds of President Donald Trump's supporters rallied Saturda...

Trump, who met with pharmaceutical company executives in late January, told them that the cost of drugs has been far too high. "Those are areas that we can work together on".

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On Monday, Minnesota Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison, deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee, said on CNN's "New Day" that members of his party "stand ready" to work alongside Republicans on health care, including on issues such as lower prescription drug prices. Truman envisioned a national insurance system that would tax every working American and pay for medical costs, as well as wages lost while sick.

The House Speaker, Republican Paul Ryan stated that he and President Trump agreed on the removal of the proposal to repeal Obamacare after realizing that the 215 votes needed seemed like an impossible task to achieve.

Trump's faction in the House is said to have been unable to narrow the schism between Freedom Caucus conservatives, who believe the bill keeps to much of Obamacare intact, and moderates, who worry they will pay an electoral price if millions of Americans lose health insurance. The doctors have pointed out that a single-payer healthcare system would offer all of the advantages that Bernie Sanders has pointed out, with none of the drawbacks of Obamacare. The longtime liberal firebrand exploded into the public consciousness as a 2016 presidential candidate, inspiring huge crowds and injecting a strong progressive agenda into the political mainstream.

"We now must take on a horrific Republican budget and efforts at "tax reform" which means huge tax breaks to billionaires and corporations", said the veteran Vermont Senator.

All of the bill's co-sponsors are Democrats, according to Congress.gov.

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