Donald Trump Is Still Insisting Hillary Clinton Was The Corrupt One

Katrina Soto
April 13, 2017

Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo asked Trump why he still has so many Obama holdovers remaining in his administration, specifically pointing to Comey, who is not technically a political appointee.

The way the prez sees it.

Referencing a July news conference in which Comey criticized Clinton and her aides for their treatment of classified information but declared he was recommending no one be charged, Trump said: "When he was reading those charges, she was guilty on every charge. He saved her life", Trump said, per The Mail. "And I joke about it a little bit".

"Director Comey was very, very good to Hillary Clinton, that I could tell you".

Bartiromo asked the president if he would pursue the charges against his former rival but Trump said he would rather not discuss it.

"Well, because, I want to give everybody a good, fair chance", Trump said. "When you look at Susan Rice and what's going on and so many people coming up to me and apologizing, now they're saying, 'You know, you were right when you said that.' Perhaps I didn't know how right I was because nobody knew the extent of it".

MORE during last year's campaign by recommending against criminal charges over her private email server.

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"And they were like, 'Well, no, because he's a Republican, he doesn't think that he should weigh in and fix gas prices, but you're Democrats, you're supposed to solve problems!'" she said.

"No, it's not too late, but, you know, I have confidence in him", Trump responded.

Bartiromo asked why Trump didn't replace Comey.

Asked by Bartiromo if he will "push that", Trump said he didn't "want to talk about that". "We'll see what happens", Trump said in regard to the Federal Bureau of Investigation director, who happens to be investigating the president and his campaign staff over ties to Russian Federation. He had said previously that Comey "made a mistake" in not charging Clinton and added: "I think something happened".

"I don't want to talk about that", he said.

Trump rebuffed that notion: "Does anybody really believe that?"

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