'Girls' Series Finale Recap: Here's Everything That Happened as Hannah Moved Forward

Anita Tucker
April 18, 2017

Marnie and Hannah, perhaps the show's central love story, ended up right back where they started - but this time, they learned their lesson.

To end the series with Hannah as a young single mother was a surprise to most fans, but she and Dunham were passionate about the idea, Konner said, adding that the two cemented it around Season 4, when they discussed the eventual ending of the show with HBO. But whatever. I'd read that was on objective, to show the world Hannah - all of her, and her beautifully real body.

Shoshanna and Jessa made their final appearances in last Sunday's penultimate episode, so it was just Marnie we were waiting on for a final bow with Hannah. It's a space to celebrate seven characters who we have spent six seasons getting to know, to care about, to watch grow up. Loreen walks in on Marnie having phone sex -"video tagging" - with a personal trainer from Weehawken. Dunham has always an acute eye for capturing character types - from Adam, a character so gruff and consistently shirtless you could practically smell him in the early seasons, to Shoshana, the fast talking, crazily dressed girl approaching NY like an excitable tourist.

'Good. That's good Grover, ' Hannah told her baby as the credits scrolled. In the end, she's giving a teenage girl advice and telling her to respect her mother.

Oh, and if you're wondering about the choice of Hannah's baby's name (SPOILERS AHEAD), Lena and Jenni Konner also explained how Grover Horvath came to be.

During the "Inside This Episode" feature that follows the show, Executive Producer Judd Apatow says, "We started talking about postpartum depression and her mental health issues coming up again".

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Girls was a show that really thought about what it was doing, and then took a flying leap anyway, just to see if it could land on two feet. It's easier to successfully swaddle a tiny body if your own wasn't recently split in half by childbirth, and if you have a Marnie, she'll make it look easy. She sees the largeness of motherhood, and the journey to fit into those jeans, those shoes, that role. In Hannah, Marnie saw someone with brains, substance, gravitas.

Girls recalls its earliest display of Hannah and Marnie's best friendship with an identical tracking shot of the pair cuddling in bed, just as in the pilot.

How did you decide on the way you were going to end the series, and how many other ideas did you have over the years before you landed on this one? They work toward their peace as Hannah climbs the stairs and feeds her son, working toward her own. Marnie puts her pajamas on, then tells Loreen that she used the last bottle so they'll have to wait for Hannah to get back.

Hannah, it turns out, is a character, and one who, like a lot of people, is a little bit broken. Also, "All she did was complain about how unfair the judging process on The Voice is". It was quite a turn of events for a character who had spent most of the show's six series talking and thinking about herself as she slept her way around NY. This made Hannah very angry now that she's a mother herself. (Though there is an excellent meta-gag about Williams refusing to show her nipples on the show.) It's impossible to believe they're fooling each other. Marnie basically tells Hannah that she wins at being her friend because she is the one there for her at the end of the day. Even with these surface changes, however, you were often left guessing just how much this quartet were evolving. Lena Dunham, you are incredible.

In the sixth season, Hannah's decision to keep her baby was surprising, but also not - she felt like she was entering a new stage of her life and could handle what life threw at her. She can handle this new chapter of her life. While it may not have captured the complete breadth and diversity of its generation or of NY, it dealt with a variety of classic issues - relationship problems, career uncertainty, friendships that become fragile even though they once appeared to have been built out of bedrock - for a group of people that, over time, extended beyond Hannah. This all began with her, as well, sitting across Hannah at a dinner in some NY restaurant and informing her that the purse strings were about to be finally severed. "They just wanted it to be traditional, and they just felt like that was enough". Sure, she did plenty of other crappy things that season, especially to her boyfriend Fran (Jake Lacy), but it marked the beginning of Hannah's true transition to adulthood.

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