Google introduces 'style ideas' for fashion

Dora Pope
April 14, 2017

Google has been rolling out a series of updates to its Image Search platform on mobile devices, and the latest addition includes tools to make coordinating outfits and researching fashion a bit easier. Now, this feature is being incorporated with apparels as well.

Their example is of a bag you might be considering, so image results will show that bag along with ideas for what you might wear as you carry that bag. Pinerest has spent years trying to evolve as the adobe of "inspirational" imagery, by constantly including fashion products which are a best fit for the purchased products.

Google says that the aim of the feature is to help "boost your search style IQ" - because, after all, "when it comes to fashion, it's hard to know where to start". You could always consult Pinterest for styling ideas, but now there's another option: Google. The feature also has an expanded carousel for "similar items".

Microsoft ends support for Windows Vista
Microsoft finally moved on from Vista in 2009 when it released Windows 7, which was significantly better than the Vista platform. Two, double-click winver in the search results to open About Windows box, where it will show you the current Windows you have.

This is a very bad news for Google as it is already having a tough time in the era of smartphones where there are more apps and less websites.

"Whether you're researching shorts and sneakers or checking out sunglasses and handbags, you'll be able to find product offerings that may suit your tastes", Enthoven wrote. Further, prices of the product in question will also be displayed on the same page.

On the face of it, this may not seem like a major feature, but it's one that certainly has potential - particularly with people to whom style does not come easily. Just search for the shoes, tap on an image, and scroll down to the new style ideas section.

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