Google Officially Launches Next-Gen Jump VR Camera

Dora Pope
April 26, 2017

Google plans to give out 100 of the Yi Halo cameras to help boost VR filmmaking, and the application process will be open until May 22nd. The product's hefty price tag may scare away some creators, but Google wants to get its latest toy in the hands of its creative community. Google has also launched the Jump Start program which aims at filmmakers and content producers create VR content. It's a monster camera rig content creators will flock instantly to. The Jump team partners with top camera manufacturers to build professional, high-quality VR cameras.

For those who don't know Jump is Google's platform for VR production, which is centred around making VR video production much easier. Yi, founded previous year, is a US-based startup backed mostly by Chinese tech giant Xiaomi.

Of course, any comparison between this beastly system and Samsung's New Gear 360 is unfair and frankly absurd, since you're in fact getting not one, not two, but 17 (!) 4K unit cams with the YI Technology-developed immersive experience production solution. The cameras stitch the videos of each of the connected modules to create an 8K x 8K resolution by 30 frames per second. But no - the Yi Halo just weighs 7.7 pounds.

Each YI Halo camera is worth $17,000 and more about its development and recording capabilities can be seen in the introductory video below.

With its built in Wi-Fi, you can securely and remotely control your YI Halo with your smartphone app.

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Google has taken the wraps off its next-generation Jump camera, the YI HALO, a camera rig made in partnership with the Chinese company Yi Technology. The first-generation model, GoPro's Odyssey, had 16 cameras and cost $15,000.

The YI HALO will go on sale later in 2017, with units "available today to select creators".

VR filmmakers will also love the Yi Halo's timelapse mode, automatic depth map generation, and sharp focus even when the subject is close to the lens. Users should expect about an hour of battery life. If you're interested, you can join the Jump Start program to get access to a Jump camera and Jump Assembler.

But while GoPro was thin on details for the Fusion, Yi showed up at NAB ready with specs for its announcement.

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