Hacker threatens to release stolen copies of "Orange Is The New Black"

Anita Tucker
April 29, 2017

The suspect has threatened to release those programs as well if "modest" ransoms are not paid, even though we don't know which other shows are included on the hostage list.

In a statement to Variety on Friday, Netflix said, "We are aware of the situation".

Netflix says that a small production vendor that works with major TV studios did in fact suffer a breach. The vendor's security was compromised, and the appropriate authorities have already been involved to handle the case, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Associated Press released the bombshell news on April 28 and reports that the hacker has even claimed to have uploaded the first episode to an illegal file service already just to prove he's serious. The series is scheduled to premiered on June 9th, so Netflix officials has the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other police officials investigating the issue.

The amount that the hacker is demanding remains undisclosed. Netflix also remains on their sights. (The thefts are apparently being treated as an "active situation" by the FBI.) The pilot for the new season is already supposed circulating on illegal file sharing sites. The show took a dark turn last season, with a deeper look at what life behind bars looks like. The series has won three consecutive SAG Awards for comedy ensemble and has been Emmy-nominated for both Outstanding Comedy and Outstanding Drama.

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The popularity of the show, however, came with certain problems.

"We managed to weave ourselves into the foundation of one company who gave us access to a significant title in the Netflix original series portfolio: "Orange Is The New Black" - Season 5".

The news about threat to the acclaimed series comes less than two weeks after Netflix posted disappointment Q1 subscriber growth.

It's not clear what triggered The Dark Overload's renewed ransom demands.

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