Microsoft ends support for Windows Vista

Camille Francis
April 13, 2017

Windows Vista, arguably one of Microsoft's most significant operating system related mistakes, will no longer officially be supported by by the tech giant as of today. Microsoft added that Internet Explorer 9 is no longer supported, "so if your Windows Vista PC is connected to the internet and you use Internet Explorer 9 to surf the web, you might be exposing your PC to additional threats", the firm said.

Microsoft is ending support for Windows Vista, more than a decade after it launched.

As of 11 April, Vista users will no longer receive security updates and technical help, the company confirmed in a blog post. The ride is over. Because Ubisoft doesn't make Uplay user stats available, we took a quick peek at the latest Steam Hardware & Software Survey to see how many Windows Vista users are left.

In turn, this means that you'll likely want to update to a newer version (Microsoft would prefer Windows 10, of course) if you don't want to put your computer at risk. Even Windows 10 has an expriation date; mainstream support for the current version of Window is scheduled to end in 2020, and extended support will end five years later in 2025.

But what happens if you decide to stick with Vista after today?

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Old versions of Windows are still running and Vista is no exception.

Originally code-named "Longhorn", Microsoft unveiled Vista in 2005 and released worldwide in 2007. This probably explains why when I told someone I worked for Windows Vista: The Official Magazine, they asked if my parents were proud of me. Two, double-click winver in the search results to open About Windows box, where it will show you the current Windows you have.

Microsoft finally moved on from Vista in 2009 when it released Windows 7, which was significantly better than the Vista platform.

Although many of these annoyances were addressed throughout Vista's life, the perception of it being a bloated, buggy and user-unfriendly mess of an OS remained. UAC allowed for multiple users-accounts on the same computer, a feature which did not exist on earlier Microsoft systems. Those who had heard negative things about Vista were given the operating system under a different name, and it turned out they loved it.

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