Musk Lays Out Timeline for Tesla Semi Truck, Electric Pickup

Dora Pope
April 15, 2017

Now, right on time, Musk tweeted out an update this afternoon: "Tesla Semi truck unveil set for September". In a recent announcement, the billionaire revealed that his company would be producing Semi trucks as well. The Tesla CEO did add that the company's engineers have done an "amazing job" on it and that the vehicle is "seriously next level". Tesla shares are now up 52% in the last six months.

Musk also responded to a question on Twitter about the company's vision for a "new kind of pickup truck" mentioned in master plan revision.

Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk says the company will soon move beyond just electric sedans and SUVs to offer something bigger - much bigger.

"Pickup truck unveil in 18 to 24 months", Musk wrote. Musk tweeted today that final details on that vehicle would be released at that time. Last July, Musk said heavy-duty trucks were among the type of electric vehicles needed in the marketplace and that Tesla is expected to unveil their line of trucks later on this year.

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Tesla is known for its electric cars that go really fast and are expensive as heck.

The master plan, released as a blog post on Tesla's site, lays out the company " s path beyond the Model 3, with plans for an electric cargo truck equipped with autonomous driving technology called Tesla Semi; a new-style electric bus, smaller than current models, capable of operating without a human driver; a pickup truck; a small SUV. First, it was the mass consumer market, with its Model 3.

Tesla, which has overtaken Ford in market capitalization, is on track to begin production in July of the Model 3, which is aimed at the middle market, making the electric auto accessible to a broader swath of consumers. With the Model 3 already aimed at transitioning Tesla from niche player to higher-volume automaker, the manifesto took it a step further, highlighting Musk's desire to "expand to cover the major forms of terrestrial transport".

Tesla's valuation rose after Piper Jaffray analyst Alex Potter on Monday upgraded Tesla's stock from a price target of $223 to $368. Its market capitalization briefly passed General Motors Co. earlier this week.

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