'Who paid for' rallies seeking release of tax returns

Laura Christensen
April 19, 2017

Donald Trump is the first Presidential office holder to refuse to release his tax returns to the public, since it became the expected standard over the past half a century.

ALLEN: After spending the morning at his golf club, the president's motorcade took a circuitous route back to Mar-a-Lago, one that seemed aimed at avoiding protesters.

Organisers of "Tax March" are planning events in more than 150 cities, including New York, Washington and Los Angeles, as well as cities in Europe, Japan and New Zealand.

"I think it would be in the President's benefit to release them, and I think as the American people, we want to see that", Kinzinger said. Trump said, "A tax reform plan to make our industry more competitive and also to provide a leveling playing field for our workers". Trump has said that Americans "don't care at all" about his tax returns, but polls - including an ABC News/Washington Post story from January - show that 74% of Americans say he should release them.

Because the traditional Tax Day for 2017 fell on a weekend, American citizens have until Tuesday, April 18 to file their tax returns this year.

"Absolutely, Donald Trump should release his tax returns", Rep. Matt Gaetz, a first-term congressman from the Sunshine State's panhandle, told a town hall in February.

But 71-year-old Ilene Singh said he's wrong. "Now Tax Returns are brought up again?"

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Retired teacher Mike Mannshardt of Pittsboro says he believes the documents may show that Trump is indebted and beholden to Russian or other unfriendly foreign interests.

One of Trump's sharpest critics in the House spoke to protesters at the U.S. Capitol just before they set off on a march to the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters, of California, said there's nothing to prevent Trump from releasing his income taxes and that "the simple truth is he's got a lot to hide".

In Berkeley, California, police arrested at least 20 people at unrelated gatherings of about 200 pro- and anti-Trump people in a park after fist fighting erupted.

The Trump tax marches were launched by a single tweet, organisers said. The Oregon Democrat says the people have "a basic right to know whether the president pays his fair share". "I hope Republicans see it".

Republicans also have rebuffed Democrats' efforts to get the House Ways and Means Committee to act.

Many demonstrators said they hoped Saturday's marches would convince Trump to voluntarily release them.

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