Kevin Durant recalls his NBA Draft combine

Jessica Allison
May 13, 2017

When asked about the NBA Draft Combine, Golden State Warriors star and 2014 NBA MVP Kevin Durant told prospects they should not attend.

"That I can really guard", he said.

"It'd be an honor whoever drafts me, so if that's here then that would be great", Jackson said.

I was like, 'All right, keep laughing.

"But I think the one thing I'm really trying to focus on is just try to get stronger".

Fox finished the 2016-17 college basketball season with averages of 16.7 points, 4.6 assists, 4.0 rebounds, and 1.5 steals per game.

Quick to acknowledge he's not a finished product, Mika said his decision will come down to "where I can develop best and quickest so I can contribute to a (NBA) team".

The Sixers, however, are going beyond players who lie within the confines of their draft range. The Portland Trail Blazers had likely already made up their mind about taking Greg Oden first overall.

"Stay your ass home, work out and get better on your own time", Durant told ESPN.

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"I knew nobody in that draft could guard me one-on-one", he said.

DX now has the Suns taking Caleb Swanigan, PF/C, but with Chriss and Bender still on the team I'm not sure I see this one happening. I knew that. And I knew that you don't need to [bench-press] to lift a basketball up. "But I've been playing ball all my life so I just step out on the court and do what I know I'm capable of".

"The less they know, the more they (want a player)", the United Kingdom coach said. It still doesn't matter.

Five players, including Fultz, the potential top-overall pick, hadn't celebrated their first birthday when Carter and Nowitzki made their National Basketball Association debuts on February 5, 1999 (the 1998-99 National Basketball Association season did not begin until this date due to a lockout).

That's actually incredibly insightful.

"I haven't tried. I know I can lift 185, though, now, but I don't bench-press", Durant said. He also exhibited more of his signature self-awareness in assessing his physical strengths and weakness as it stands today. And it's my opinion that his talent level will find him a place in the late-first round because there aren't that many guys to take once you get past 15.

John Calipari is also in Chicago and spoke about Diallo to SEC Country's Kyle Tucker. Hopefully his success in the wake of that weird criticism has changed the way scouts approach similar situations 10-years later.

The answer to questions like: "How many jelly beans do you think could fill this room?" or "Who would you want marooned on an island with you?" are less about the answers to the questions but the thought process and reasons behind the answers. If it doesn't help you [to] play, then don't play. They don't want to deal with that B.S., and I understand that. Sometimes teams do not get their first choices of interviews.

Jackson was asked what a team would get by drafting him. However, former Duke freshman guard Frank Jackson is not one of those players so it appears.

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