Nissan's Game Changing Answer To Distracted Driving? - Put It In The Glovebox

Jeannette Daniel
May 4, 2017

Nissan has revealed its latest weapon in the fight against distracted drivers - a prototype compartment that could be fitted in future vehicles, which it says could significantly reduce the level of distraction caused by mobile phones. To that end, the company has built a new armrest concept, termed as the Nissan Signal Shield.

The "cage" is made of a conductive material, such as wire mesh, which blocks electromagnetic fields. The Nissan Signal Shield is an arrest compartment that doubles as a Faraday cage, blocking all wireless signals when throw your phone inside and shut the lid.

The move comes weeks after penalties and fines for illegal phone use by... We can all agree that texting and driving is very, very bad, right?

Nissan thinks integrating a Faraday cage directly into a car's armrest could be the magic fix. The British automotive services company RAC says that the number of drivers admitting to using their phones in the auto has jumped from just 8% in 2014 to a staggering 31% a year ago. Nissan's own figures show that one in five drivers has texted while driving - which is not only forbidden, but it's also seriously unsafe.

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In order to restore the phone's connections and receive calls and messages, drivers can simply open the armrest compartment to let their device reconnect to its mobile network and to the car's Bluetooth system. However, it will put the driver off the grid and they won't be available on the phone if there's an emergency.

To achieve the same effect you could, of course, simply turn your phone off and hide it, but Nissan says the Signal Shield is created to present drivers with a choice when they climb behind the wheel, while not having to power down devices.

Alex Smith, Managing Director, Nissan Motor GB Ltd. said; "Nissan produces some of the safest cars on the road today, but we are always looking at new ways to improve the wellbeing of our customers".

The Nissan Signal Shield is just in the prototype stages at the moment, meaning there's no guarantee that it'll ever actually be a feature you can purchase in the future. This is about delivering more control at the wheel, not less. For those who can't avoid the temptation, this simple but pretty clever tech gives them a valuable mobile-free zone.

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