Twin Peaks returns tonight with the first four episodes for the UK

Anita Tucker
May 22, 2017

The compelling mystery of the original eight-episode Twin Peaks - who killed the attractive cheerleader Laura Palmer - captured the imagination of a generation in 1990 and it was held up as frontrunner for a new kind of cinema-quality TV. Then, in that season's last episode, I felt like we had a story with the power of the Laura Palmer mystery.

Cooper in the original series was investigating the death of homecoming queen Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) and they were reunited at the beginning of the revival. But things are about to get weird, as Hawk receives a message from the Log Lady (Catherine Coulson) informing him that "something is missing and you have to find it".

The show's memorable theme music by Angelo Badalamenti, 80, was then heard along with the iconic titling. We hate him because he's loathsome, we hate him for not being the Cooper we want him to be, and we hate him because Lynch has decided to make MacLachlan wear Nicholas Cage-in-Con Air hair.

In fact, there's reason to believe the upcoming revival will have more in common with Lynch's puzzle-box films like Mulholland Drive and Blue Velvet than the previous incarnation of the series. Would all become clear? Bob Bob Bob. Go now!

Owner of the Great Northern Hotel in Twin Peaks, Benjamin (Ben) Horne is also known within the community for owning Horne's Department Store and was, with the help of his brother Jerry, attempting to develop a Country Club initially called "The Ghostwood Development Project" within the Ghostwood National Forest.

Instead, he said, there was "sexual abuse, grief, incest, and small town people being nasty to each other".

The original series eventually - though not almost soon enough for its viewers - revealed who had killed homecoming queen Laura Palmer.

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'Hello Agent Cooper, ' Laura said in a garbled voice that was subtitled. There are some implications that Laura is still alive out there in the world somewhere, but we'll have to see how that all plays out. "But having worked with David and (writer) Mark Frost - I gotta believe it's gonna be far out". It's some kind of top-secret project funded by an "anonymous billionaire".

Showtime CEO David Nevins added more detail on the tone of season three, confirming that Twin Peaks will not be getting any kind of cable TV makeover. The evil Cooper is associated with a string of murders that connect him to the action in Buckhorn, where the severed head of a local woman leads to the arrest of a seemingly guilty man, Bill Hastings (Matthew Lillard). Is it the same smoky figure from the glass box?

Could we have finally seen the moments before 10:10AM on the 16th February with Jeffries and Cooper (s) trapped in the Black Lodge together?

Meanwhile, Cooper's Killer Bob doppelganger, with long hair and leather jacket, roams free, doing murderous work.

What does it all mean? We could pretty much tell it like it is and that was very refreshing. Bad Cooper as an ongoing storyline is intriguing.

That makes it a bit more challenging to handle the show's more violent impulses.

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