Waze Now Lets You Record Your Own Navigation Commands

Anita Tucker
May 10, 2017

The recent update introduces Waze voice recorder, a cool feature that lets you record directions in your own voice. After you turn it on, you'll need to then record all 39 of the phrases Waze uses, like, "All set, let's go!" and "Turn right". You can opt to do whichever directions you want, but do note, any options you don't record voice for will use the default Waze setting.

After updating the Waze app, users can use the voice recorder feature to record their own voice as they speak various instructions. So sorry, no baby talk recording for you. From here, tap on "Sound and Voice", and proceed to record the basic navigation phrases. And if you take a different turn than the navigation says, you can listen to yourself yell at you to turn around.

Granted, many people don't like the way how they sound when they hear their voice recorded. However, navigated by your own voice could make you happier if you are searching for some omnipotence somewhere in your life.

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To get started, head on over to the Waze app and click on the Settings panel. Since Waze is owned by Google, it pretty much made sense that the update arrived on Android first.

If you are somehow exhausted of listening to robotic voices while using voice navigation features, there is now a new way that will save you.

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