Jeremy Corbyn is ready to win another election if one is called

Laura Christensen
June 13, 2017

Mr McDonnell replied: "We're not celebrating".

Mr Corbyn said he would not make any coalition deals or pacts but would instead put forward Labour's own programme for government.

Last June, after Mr Corbyn won a second leadership contest to become leader of the party, Labour's Mr Perkins - who retained his seat with 26,266 votes - stood down as Shadow Armed Forces Minister.

But his campaign was a relative success as Labour's vote increased by nearly ten per cent, gaining them MPs instead of losing them.

Whilst we're still waiting for confirmation on exactly how many young people turned out to vote, it is clear that the 18-24 year old category were in part responsible for Labour's surprising performance on Thursday.

But he added: "We have laid the foundations for a minority government, and then eventually a majority government".

Slight Chance Of Showers Later, But Sunny & Warm Until Then
Meteorologists say after temperatures in the low 50s on Wednesday night , Thursday will be in the high 70s and sunny. There's a slight chance of rain before 1 p.m., and highs will reach 69 degrees.

Aberavon MP Stephen Kinnock said he would be "honoured" to take a front bench job if it was offered to him.

Labour, like the Conservatives, unsuccessfully campaigned for Remain at the European Union referendum.

"And I think because of that he's commanded enormous respect from Labour MPs and the people of this country".

He said: "We'd be very happy to listen to any progressive party".

He said that he did not expect the Conservatives to be able to produce a stable government, with MPs calling for Mrs May's resignation and senior figures like Boris Johnson and David Davis "on manoeuvres". If they did, he said, he would "happily eat [his] new Brexit book".

"However, what we are saying very, very clearly.the contrast in this general election was here we had a Conservative Party going for a race to the bottom Brexit and undermining our economy".

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