Photographer Behind Kathy Griffin Shoot Previously Depicted Decapitated Trump

Anita Tucker
June 2, 2017

The question is: What ever made Griffin and photographer Tyler Shields think that it was acceptable, or even amusing, for Griffin to pose as an Islamic State terrorist would, holding what looked to be the hacked-off head of a USA president?

"If you step out into that spotlight and you're doing the insane things that [Trump'] doing, we're the last line of defense. The comedians are the last voice of truth in this whole thing". "I've talked to Kathy", Shields said. "It is impossible to get away from it".

Shields also directed and conceptualized a violent video for rocker Marilyn Manson that involved, as the Daily Beast described it, "beheading a blond man in a dark suit and red power tie who resembles Donald Trump".

Griffin, 56, a two-time Emmy-winning performer known for her deliberately provocative brand of humour, has appeared as co-host of CNN's New Year's Eve broadcast from Times Square in NY with anchor Anderson Cooper since 2007. While Griffin suspected there would be a firestorm from her picture, I don't think she ever imagined the severity of the burns.

Officer who shot Tamir Rice is fired in unrelated matter
Loehmann was still in his probationary period when he shot Rice, as he had only been on the force for eight months. Garmback, meanwhile, was suspended for 10 days without pay for use of improper tactics while driving to the scene.

For maybe the first time, I agree with President Donald Trump: Kathy Griffin's "joke" was sick. "We'd be talking about doing something and she said to me, 'I'm not afraid to get political if you want or make a statement if you want, '" he said. But reports of what she said drew fire from many, including Catholic League President Bill Donohue, who called it a "vulgar, in-your-face brand of hate speech".

Two years later, while accepting an Emmy for her Bravo reality series, "Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List", she declared that "a lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this award".

Kathy would later ask Shields to take the image down and issue an apology, admitting the photo was "too disturbing" for her tastes. "I am just now seeing the reaction of these images". I moved the line, then I crossed it.

In response, Jennings wrote back, "I will kill as many white rhinos as it takes to prove my masculinity to Donald Trump Jr". "I went way too far".

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