SNES Classic: "Significantly More Units" Than NES Classic

Camille Francis
June 28, 2017

Now, Nintendo is hoping to do it again, with the Super Nintendo classic.

The latest classic edition will have the same appearance of the original console, which was released in 1990.

We'll be sure to bring you more on Star Fox 2 as we approach the SNES Classic Edition's launch on September 29th! But with this weeks announcement of the Super Nintendo Classic Edition, it looks as if Nintendo is doubling down on a past strategy - even if it's still finding its footing in new areas, particularly mobile.

In related news about the new mini-console, Nintendo also mentioned that the Super NES Classic Edition will have longer controller cables at five feet (NES Classic's was three feet).

Although that may seem like a bummer, think about it from this perspective: The U.S. version also includes games that those regions don't have, so it's a sort of pros-and-cons scenario here.

It listed the retro games machine for £69.99 on but now has an "out of stock" message on the page.

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But which of the classic games bundled with the Classic will you be playing first?

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The SNES Classic Mini takes inspiration from the NES Classic Mini, and that's no bad thing.

If there was a common complaint about the NES Classic Edition that wasn't aimed at how overwhelming consumer demand had led to stock shortages, it was that the controller cords were too short. The game sold 2.76m Switch copies during its first month of sale, more than the actual number of Switch consoles in circulation, which could be down to fans stockpiling it pre-emptively or buying special edition copies to keep.

It features 21 build in games, like Super Mario World, Zelda, and the never before released Star Fox Two.

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