Andromeda Free Trial Available Because Even Pirates Don't Want It

Dora Pope
July 16, 2017

The 10-hour free trial that had been available to Origin Access subscribers is now open to everyone.

The content available for players during the trial period includes all multiplayer modes, along with the first planet of the single player campaign, Eos. Furthermore, it benefits from the numerous patches that Bioware has put out, thus allowing for a more polished experience.

BioWare has announced that you'll be able to download and play the first 10 hours of Mass Effect Andromeda for free. So stay tuned for more details in the coming months.

Progress from the demo transferred in full Mass Effect: Andromeda. Both offer very different kinds of thrills, and you won't know how you really feel about Mass Effect: Andromeda without spending time in all its venues.

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You can download the demo here for PC, here for PlayStation 4 and here on Xbox One.

Originally released back in March as an early-access trial, Andromeda's big demo should have been a return to classic gaming marketing of yore, where gamers got a chance to try out the new big games before committing. In addition, all multiplayer game modes are available to players in the trial as well. By no means is it a bad game, but it seems that it did leave players wanting. All progress made during the demo will be carried forwards to the full game if you chose to purchase the game.

Though there were plans to continue working on new Mass Effect games, Andromeda's shaky launch has caused plans for the series to change.

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