Eight people found dead in truck in Texas parking lot

Laura Christensen
July 24, 2017

Mr McManus said the bodies were discovered after a person from the truck approached a Walmart employee in a auto park and asked for water late on Saturday night or early Sunday morning.

The employee brought water for the man, then called police and asked them to conduct a welfare check, McManus said.

At least eight people have been found dead, including two young "school-aged" children, after human traffickers left them inside a lorry in searing 37C heat.

A total of 38 people had been inside the trailer, authorities said, with 20 people found in a "serious" medical condition, including dehydration.

That's when authorities made the gruesome discovery: eight bodies and 30 suffering from various injuries, fire department spokesman Joe Arrington said.

The suspected driver of the vehicle has been detained, McManus said. The driver is in custody and will be charged. "The driver and whomever else we find that's involved in this will be facing state and federal charges", McManus added.

Some of those inside the semi ran into nearby woods, triggering a search by helicopter and on foot, McManus said, adding that police would look for the escapees again in the morning. They say it's a horrific human trafficking case.

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Harris County District Attorney's Office First Assistant Tom Berg said, "Thirty more minutes and this could have been a dozen homicide cases".

According to police, investigator checked surveillance video, and it showed cars approaching the truck picking up people from the trailer.

"We're looking at a trafficking crime here this evening".

"If that truck would have been there overnight, there's no doubt that we would have lost all 38 of those people", Hood said. This happens quite frequently.

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials defended the use of tough methods to fight human smuggling.

The Border Patrol has regularly reported finding suspected immigrants inside trucks along the United States border with Mexico.

Homeland Security is leading the criminal investigation. On July 7, agents found 72 people crammed into a truck with no means of escape, the agency said.

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