First 'Ready Player One' Trailer Debuts at Comic-Con Panel!

Dora Pope
July 24, 2017

Warner Bros. has released the first trailer for the Steven Spielberg directed movie Ready Player One and it's filled with loads of pop-culture references.

The trailer for his latest film, Ready Player One dropped a few hours ago and HOLY SH*T it looks brilliant!

Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan) then becomes immersed in trying to win the game, which consists of finding Easter Eggs across the world eventually leading to victory. The story follows Wade Watts in a dystopian future where the only life worth living is through virtual reality.

Zak Penn wrote the screenplay. Now, at San Diego Comic-Con, we have an early glimpse inside of Spielberg's vision.

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We can then see the character alongside Freddy Krueger, the monster from the Clutches of the night, the Giant of the iron Giant and trying to make the race with the famous auto DeLorean from Back to the future, while avoiding huge wrecking balls. There's definitley some shots that look reminscent, aesthetically, to A.I. and in terms of mo-cap, you can also see some of what Spielberg learned on The B.F.G being continued here.

At the time, the Schindler's List director warned of the dangers virtual reality could present to the industry.

The preview opened in a futuristic trailer park in Columbus, Ohio where Wade lives, as he puts on the Oasis headset and gloves and is transported into its VR world. And you can do anything in that world.

At one point, Christopher Nolan was offered the chance to direct, but Steven Spielberg (who is actually responsible for most of the pop culture references from the '80s) ended up taking the job. The film hits theaters March 30, 2018, and you can learn a whole lot more about it from our friends at Screencrush right now.

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