No new diesel and petrol cars by 2040

Ashley Carr
July 28, 2017

The government said the initiative is part of plans to eradicate air pollution in the country.

Plug-in cars are still only about one percent of all United Kingdom vehicle sales, yet the country is one of only a handful worldwide to have more than 100,000 plug-in automobiles on the road.

The step will likely accelerate the decline of diesel cars in Europe's second-biggest market, where they are blamed for poor air quality. The plan is also likely to allocate GBP 255 Million to local councils to help them retrofit buses, redesign junctions and optimize traffic signals.

"I'm in favor of dealing with the problem in the most effective way possible". More details are expected to be revealed, but councils will encouraged to solve the problems rather than put wholesale bans on cars in place.

The government was ordered by the courts to produce new plans to tackle illegal levels of harmful pollutant nitrogen dioxide.

BMW's decision to assemble the electric mini at Oxford was announced yesterday, while France's move earlier this month to announce its own 2040 deadline took away a lot of the shock value.

By 2030, Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) estimates that one in 12 cars sold in the United Kingdom will be electric from one in 200 today.

She added Merkel was, however, also promoting electric cars.

The global shift toward electric vehicles will create upheaval across a number of sectors, from oil majors harmed by reduced gasoline demand to spark plug and fuel injection manufacturers whose products aren't needed by plug-in electric cars.

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Hawes said: "What has been announced is consistent with what the industry and legislators have been working towards, so in terms of timing 2040 is not unreasonable".

"We could undermine the UK's successful automotive sector if we don't allow enough time for the industry to adjust".

"The 2040 diesel and petrol ban, while important, is a diversionary tactic and doesn't deal with the public health emergency caused by illegally polluted air, now", he said.

Norway for example has ten times more charging points than the UK. Electric vehicle charging stations are hard to find and, even if cities install lots of public charging stations, it can take hours to recharge.

So far, consumers have shown relatively little interest in electric, or even in hybrid cars, despite the fact that automakers are offering more and more of them.

The move is one of a series of measures aimed at reducing emissions in the United Kingdom and is contained in a new air quality plan. Hybrid cars will also be permitted.

If families purchasing a auto for the first time are able to buy electric, the country could leapfrog ahead of some developed economies.

To date, we have sold 15 cars here in the United Kingdom and 500 across Europe.

One of the more affordable electric models on sale, the Leaf is about the same size as a Vauxhall Astra and similarly easy to drive. It's powered by a single 152bhp electric motor and can travel for up to 400 miles between refills.

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