Rauner says he will amendatory veto IL school funding bill

Laura Christensen
July 19, 2017

"It's not right to give CPS more than its equitable share at the expense of other struggling school districts", Rauner said in a statement.

Rauner accused Democratic legislative leaders of holding on to the bill to force a crisis.

Lawmakers approved a state budget more than a week ago, but that legislation requires enactment of a new school funding plan.

But in a statement Monday, CPS claims Rauner doesn't have the authority to carry out that amendatory veto under the state Constitution.

Speaking at event in Mt. Zion on Monday, Rauner demanded the Senate send the bill to his desk and urged school superintendents to not give into House Speaker Michael Madigan, whom he labeled a "tyrant". So before state dollars can be allocated to the state's 851 school districts, the evidence-based model must be signed into law.

By vetoing CPS teacher pension funding, the district claims Rauner "is changing a fundamental objective of the legislation - and he would be making a substantial change to the legislation". Democratic and Republican legislators hope to avoid that anger or, if they can't avoid it, arrange for the blame to fall on the other party. Brad Halbook of Shelbyville and Bill Mitchell of Forsyth, and state Sens.

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"Speaker Madigan and President Cullerton, they're basically sitting on the bill and they're going to wait to the last minute until schools open next week". SB1 accounts for that by including additional state money to offset the amount of local funding CPS uses to cover the cost both of current pensions and its legacy payments. "Unfortunately, he is more interested in spouting divisive soundbites than in solving the real problems that grip IL".

"Governor Rauner's stunt won't pass legal muster, and instead jeopardizes the opening for dozens of school districts around the state", CPS spokewoman Emily Bittner said in a statement, adding that an amendatory veto would change "a fundamental goal of the legislation" - a power not granted by the Constitution.

"Support my amendatory veto and you'll get what you deserve and you'll be treated equitably", Rauner said. But Rose said it "sure doesn't look like" Democrats have any interest other than to press forward on SB 1.

Rauner was severely weakened by the veto override of his budget and tax bills.

The amendatory veto also will adjust the bill so it is more closely aligned to the original ideas proposed by the bipartisan School Funding Reform Commission, Rauner said, including mandating that the majority of all money in the proposal will go to statewide school districts serving a majority of students from families with low incomes.

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