This is how PlayerUnknowns's Battlegrounds next update gets a lot more hardcore

Dora Pope
July 15, 2017

Servers hosting this mode will appropriately be referred to as "hardcore servers" in-game. They'll be added to solo and duo games in the European Union and NA regions in the next monthly update, then rolled out elsewhere after a bit of polish.

Bluehole Studio has announced that a FOV slider will be coming to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds in the next monthly update.

First-person-only servers will be coming to NA and European Union region solo and duo games first, then expanding to other regions and game types. That has not stopped the development team from continuing to improve the title, though, with the addition of the first-person only server just one of many examples.

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First person in PUBG is a little more daunting than third person as the view point constrains what you can see, naturally.

Once believed to require more time than expected to finalise, first-person-only servers are now coming to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds with the next update. When you're using a first-person viewpoint, you don't have that ability, thus giving third-person players an advantage.

Why is that? When you're playing in third-person mode, the camera's position allows you do things like look around corners and over cover without exposing yourself to danger or giving away your position.

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