This Poll Is Horrific For the GOP, Come 2018

Anita Tucker
July 20, 2017

There's also little difference between potential new midterm voters - those who say they'll vote in 2018, but didn't in 2014 - and off-year veterans.

The GOP now has a 24-seat majority in the House and a two-seat majority in the Senate.

Due to their 2013 change, Democrats cannot indefinitely block nominees since procedural objections can be overcome with a simple majority vote instead of a supermajority of 60. Given the state of the Democratic Party, the lack of good quality candidates, and the absence of a message, it seemed as if anything could happen concerning the 2018 midterms.

They only disagree about strategy and timing.

Thirty-five percent of Democrats said then that they were more likely to become involved in political causes in the next year, compared with 21 percent of Republicans and independents. Just 38% said they wanted Congress to remain in control by Republicans, while 10% of those surveyed said that they had no opinion.

In the 439 key "Trump counties" polled, 75 percent support his bargaining with global companies to keep jobs in America.

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On the other hand, there is evidence that Trump's struggle to pass major legislation has not sapped Republicans' motivation to turn out.

Needless to say, the top, headline number in the poll is still encouraging for Democrats, especially considering they have ample time to hammer out the policies and defining principles they intend to run on.

But as President Trump and Senate Republicans are learning to their great displeasure, that was not the case.

But 62 percent of respondents said they oppose how Trump uses Twitter to express exactly what he is thinking.

A new poll from The Washington Post/ABC News should serve as an early warning for the Democratic party intent on taking back the House and Senate.

The poll, conducted July 10-13, had a random national sample of 1,001 adults who were surveyed over both cellular and landline phones.

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