West Nile-infected mosquitoes identified in Estevan, Sask

Jeannette Daniel
July 22, 2017

West Nile virus has been detected in some mosquitoes in Orleans Parish, according to city officials, but no human cases have been reported.

IL also reported its first case of West Nile, a man in his 60s from Will County who got sick in June.

Vsit the DCPH West Nile Virus website at dentoncounty.com/WNV for additional information including frequently asked questions, the latest news, and resources surrounding common backyard mosquito sources. There have been no reports of anyone being sickened by mosquitoes, by transmission of West Nile or Zika.

It said the infected mosquitoes were found several weeks earlier than the 2016 season, which may lead to an increase in infection rates in humans.

Up to 20 percent of the people who become infected have symptoms such as fever, headache, and body aches, nausea, vomiting, and sometimes swollen lymph glands or a skin rash on the chest, stomach and back.

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Kathy Lucas with the office of City Manager Massoud Ebrahim said as of Thursday there had not been any samples turned in which show West Nile Virus or other diseases are in effect locally. He says virus-carrying mosquitoes are more likely around pockets of stagnant water created by dry, hot conditions. In about 1 per cent of cases, people may develop "severe illness including inflammation of the brain or the lining of the brain".

With flooding in the Lake County area, there are many pools of standing water where mosquitoes can breed. Staff collect adult mosquitoes from 10 traps located throughout the county. "We want people to prevent themselves from getting bit and from getting West Nile", he said.

Outdoor activities at dusk or dawn, when mosquitos are most active, should also be avoided.

Public health also urges people to clean up by regularly emptying water-holding containers such as bird baths, wading pools, pet water dishes and children's toys that could be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

When outdoors, wear shoes and socks, long trousers and a long sleeved shirt, and apply insect repellent that contains DEET, picaridin, oil of lemon eucalyptus or IR 3535, according to label instructions.

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