Damning climate change report leaked amid fears Trump administration could suppress it

Laura Christensen
August 10, 2017

A damning climate change report has been made public amid fear it could be hidden by the Trump administration. Globally, it is extremely likely that humans are responsible for over half the mean temperature increase since 1951, the authors say.

A not-yet-released federal report on climate change finds that humans are already witnessing the effects of a warming globe - and the report's authors are fearing that the White House will intervene before it's published. Scrapping climate-change denial would be a major step forward in diminishing the "alternative facts" industry on the right, which forces otherwise thoughtful people to adopt a know-nothing stance to show solidarity with their political brethren. Trump has called climate change a hoax and a Chinese conspiracy created to harm the USA, and Pruitt, while recently at least acknowledging that the global climate is getting hotter, claims that it is both impossible to know to what extent human activity is to blame, and that the trend going forward is impossible to predict.

But despite that clear evidence, scientists told the New York Times that they were concerned that the government would seek to suppress the report and it may not be published. The report, however, is yet to be approved by Trump administration.

The report concludes that the world has already been irreversibly damaged by climate change, and that even if humans stopped making greenhouse gas immediately the planet would still have warmed by 0.3C.

Sea level rises are of particular relevance to Florida, and of course to Flagler County.

In dumping the Paris climate change pact, Trump criticized it as unfair and unworkable for American industry, passing over the challenge that rising temperatures pose.

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The average temperature in the United States has risen rapidly and drastically since 1980, and recent decades have been the warmest of the past 1,500 years. It projects a near-term rise of temperature in the United States by 2.5 degrees F (1.4 degrees C). Increases in the United States are expected to spike by 5 degrees by century's end with lower emissions, and by nearly 9 degrees with higher emissions, making parts of the country potentially unlivable outside of climate-controlled environments.

It follows the removal of climate change pages from the White House website and the scrapping of a series of key green policy initiatives introduced by the previous administration, including the high profile decision by President Trump to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement. Heavy rainfall events have become more frequent and more intense since 1901 in most parts of the US, and that's particularly true for the Northeastern US.

This begs the question: How would President Donald Trump be able to suppress a publicly available draft report?

Climate scientists that worked on the report, however, were quick to point out it's been online since January. In the US, the report says the largest temperature increases have taken place in the West.

As for the Paris Climate Accord, 196 different countries agreed to adopt green energy sources, cut down on emissions and limit the spike in global temperatures.

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