Merkel Says She Wouldn't Change Her Decision to Open German Borders

Laura Christensen
August 31, 2017

Chancellor Angela Merkel cracked open the door to collective lawsuits against Germany's auto industry over excessively polluting diesel engines, sharpening her tone after her main election challenger accused her of blocking the option.

Merkel was speaking in Berlin on Tuesday at a traditional summer press conference.

The issue of migration has divided German society for almost two years now, but it has become especially acute ahead of the federal elections which are scheduled for September 24.

Her Christian Democrats (CDU) now has a 13-per-cent-point electoral lead on their main challenger, the Social Democrats (SPD).

The German chancellor is ahead comfortably in her re-election race, but her border policy has cost her politically.

Chancellor Angela Merkel is condemning as "racist" a remark by a leader of a German nationalist party that her government's integration commissioner could be "disposed of in Anatolia".

"I take this very seriously", said Dr Merkel.

"Merkel must go away", "Protect basic law from Merkel" and "I used to be CDU voter, today I want to see Mrs. Merkel in court," were the welcoming chants from AfD supporters in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, the Leipziger Volkszeitung reported.

13 police personnel killed in Myanmar terror attacks
The military announced the casualties on August 25, saying the attacks took place overnight on police and border outposts. That's where about 100 people from three villages, Thabeit Taung, Kin Chaung and Thabawh Chaung, have taken refuge, too.

The five countries first introduced the checks as a record wave of refugees and migrants from Syria and other Middle East countries and from Africa streamed across Europe.

More than a million people crossed into Germany in 2015 and majority stayed in the country. Therefore, the defiant chancellor told the anti-refugee hecklers that under her leadership, Berlin still welcomes asylum-seekers.

She did not speak out on migrants or Turkey, but she said, also on Sunday in an interview with Die Welt, a German newspaper, that she did not regret opening Germany's doors to refugees at the height of the migration crisis.

Although the plan has successfully reduced irregular migration flows and came as a significant relief for Merkel in domestic politics, the European Union failed to timely deliver the promised funds.

Merkel said that a different clause in the refugee deal that provided for visa exemptions for Turkish citizens entering the European Union could not be implemented at the moment, as Europe's condition that Turkey amend its terrorism laws in exchange for the visa liberalization process had not been met.

But Schulz said he was putting his hope in the 46 percent of people who had still not decided whom to vote for.

Merkel says "this is a very complicated phase of our relationship" with Turkey.

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