Release Date Leaked As Well As New Specs

Camille Francis
August 31, 2017

It may be one of the worst kept secrets in the tech world. However, don't take our word for it...

Of course, this is just rumor at this point, and the final UI for the iPhone 8 may differ from what's stated above in any number of ways.

Apple might remove the iconic physical home button of the device and replace it with a virtual button. Now, according to Bloomberg, we may have an answer.

Multiple rumours suggest that the Home button will be missing from the new iPhone - and sources speaking to Bloomberg suggest users will get a "software bar" instead. Possible scenarios here include the iPhone 8 being announced at the September event, but only available to preorder in limited quantities, or bumped back to October. This is a huge change in the way users will interact with the iPhone and it will be interesting to see how dedicate iPhone fans adjust to the major change.

When the iPhone 8 arrives, it is expected to feature the world's fastest face recognition feature.

The New York Times recently posted a report which thoroughly examined every iPhone reveal in the past ten years and came to the conclusion that iPhone 8 will cost somewhere around $999.

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Interestingly, while Apple's existing phones have squared-off corners, the iPhone 8's display reportedly has rounded corners. For one thing, Apple is already cramming that device so full of unique and difficult-to-build technologies that trying to toss Apple Pencil support in there would simply be too much.

However, there's some doubt about whether the more mainstream iPhone models - commonly referred to as the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, respectively - will have the feature.

Reuters/Lucy NicholsonThere is an expected shortage of supply of the new iPhone 8 upon launch this year. In existing iOS devices you can pull down from the top of the display to open notifications.

The next generation of Apple's trademark device, set to debut on September 12, will come with several updates and slick new features.

One iPhone model Apple launches next month won't have a home button - instead, it will have a newer, sharper screen that stretches across almost the entire front of the phone.

The iPhone 8 dock will be similar to the dock feature that's on iOS 11 for the iPad. That means having a way to slide the display halfway down-currently achieved by double-tapping the home button-is more important than ever. The screen will stretch around the side of the earpiece speaker, a design that Apple insiders are calling "ears", the report said.

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