Amazon announces new Echo, Echo Plus and Echo Spot

Dora Pope
October 1, 2017

TechCrunch says that its other sources indicate Google is working on a device with a larger screen created to go toe-to-toe with full-sized televisions, though recent efforts have been focused on the company's Manhattan project. If you are eager to know what's new on the second generation of Amazon Echo smart speaker, then here's the details.

Echo plus is an upgrade to the original Amazon Echo.

Amazon also is adding higher fidelity equipment to the next-generation Echo in an apparent response to the HomePod.

The line-up was completed by the "Echo Spot", incorporating a 2.5-in screen for hooking up to camera feeds and making video calls. The Google Manhattan device will support YouTube, Google Photos, Google Assistant and video calling.

Amazon is a leading player in the young smart home market and it likely wants to use all these Echo devices to solidify that position before its competitors can catch up.

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This feature is available for most Echo devices including the Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Spot, and Echo Show.

Google is reportedly working on a new Assistant-powered smart speaker, this time equipped with a screen, to compete with Amazon's Echo Show. With this Echo Plus, you can control pretty much everything, your lights, locks, Television sets and many other devices.

Amazon has also announced a new Amazon Echo Spot which is a round version of Echo Show. This is actually a bit odd since it lets you call yourself with your own phone number from an Echo.

It features just two buttons on the top (one for muting and one for waking Alexa), and the entire top of the device swivels to act as a volume control. It will be interesting to see if Google mentions the device during its press event on October 4. Google has said it will be able to display mobile numbers for other user soon, but Amazon has beaten it to the punch. But Amazon is clearly prepped up to spruce into the smart home hub market ahead of Google and Apple, both of whom who yet holds an upper hand with their disposal of smartphones.

With the Echo going almost three years without a hardware update, speculation grew that Amazon was planning to release its next Echo model, especially as a way to better compete with the upcoming, higher-end Apple HomePod speaker, priced at $349.

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