Google Assistant on phones can finally send videos and music to Chromecast

Camille Francis
October 15, 2017

To use Duo, make sure you and the person you're calling have the app installed and activated. Ideally, this should be the same result after its integration with the other apps. This new Google Assistant feature appears to still be rolling out and will work for the Chromecast, Chromecast Audio, and devices with built-in Chromecast capability.

Ever since it came to light that the free/unlimited original-quality photos and videos storage for Pixel 2 owners has a time limitation (the deal ends 2020), some of those with original Pixels have been wondering if there's any similar limit for their devices.

The announcement led to confusion among the owners of last year's Pixel and Pixel XL, who were also promised unlimited free storage of original-quality photos and videos in Google Photo.

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If you and the person you're video calling are on a carrier that supports ViLTE video calling, your video calls will be routed through the carrier's ViLTE service. You can now start a video call directly from where you call or text message your friends, through your Phone, Contacts, and Android Messages apps.

We haven't tested the steps above, and XDA says that some developers have found that it still results in uploaded photos and videos counting against their Google Drive storage. However, this is not certain at all.

The all-new Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 offers a new launcher style in which the location of the search bar has been changed and moved to the bottom. Many were concerned that their photos would disappear since they'll count against the allowed storage quota for non-Pixel users. For instance, "HDR+ enhanced" has become part of the on/off toggles and the photo viewer has been changed significantly that looks similar to the Google Photos.

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