Google CEO says he will 'drop everything' to fix cheeseburger emoji

Dora Pope
October 31, 2017

The Google emoji places the cheese under the burger patty and closer to the bottom bun.

Google's hamburger emoji, which depicts a burger with cheese on the bottom, became a hot topic as result of a tweet over the weekend with some accusing the company of burger blasphemy.

In response to the viral tweet, Google CEO Sundar Pichai chimed in stating that he would "drop everything" and fix this on Monday, provided that the proper order can be figured out.

He later said how his tweet, after Pichai's retweet and reply, had attracted 4.3 million impressions and had been interacted with over 1.2 million times in 48 hours.

Eagle-eyed mobile phone users have discovered a discrepancy between the cheeseburger emoji Apple uses and the one Google uses.

The difference in both emojis is the placing of the layer of cheese which induced an extensive debate between cheeseburgers lovers.

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Emojis have sparked fevered debate across the internet about the correct arrangement of fillings in a burger - and now even Google's chief executive has got involved. Customarily, the cheese slice is always kept over the patty.

The further up the chain of command you get within a company, the more it seems like all anyone is bothered about is profits, profits, profits.

Apple's emoji, however, isn't quite right either.

Nick Kindelsperger, my fellow Food and Dining reporter, offers this take: if the cheese were to be on the bottom bun, it would protect the bread from getting soggy from the meat's juice.

Let's hope Google execs don't have plans to dive into the restaurant business anytime soon.

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