Microsoft Launcher for Android is now rolling out to all users

Camille Francis
October 14, 2017

Microsoft Edge Preview for Android offers a range of features that you may have appreciated on its desktop client. On the Windows Home and Pro versions there's no way to completely turn-off the telemetry system.

According to the agency, the US firm offers two tiers of telemetry - basic and full. "That results in an intrusive profile of yourself", said DPA's vice-chairman, Wilbert Tomesen. Microsoft needs to make it clear to users that they can reject the data collection as well. The DPA has not yet responded to Microsoft's rebuttal, meaning there is definitely more time for this latest saga to develop. DPA Vice-Chairman Wilbert Tomesen expresses that it is hard for users to know the extent of personal data being shared creating "an intrusive profile" of individuals using the operating system. Not to be outdone in the ongoing browser war, Microsoft is bringing its Edge browser to Android OS. She also goes on to state that just as Microsoft has worked with French and Swiss data protection agencies to tweak its Windows 10 telemetry settings to comply with local ordinances, it is also willing to work with the Dutch DPA. "They are not informed which data are being used for what objective, neither that based on these data, personalized advertisements and recommendations can be presented, if those users have not opted out from these default settings on installation or afterwards". What that means is that you will now be able to download and use the Edge browser on your Android phone; something that was not possible before now. Microsoft has been saying that it collects and processes the data from the Windows 10 to secure and improve its products and services, fix issues and keep the devices up-to-date. The collection of the full telemetry data is thus more unpredictable.

The Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA) alleges that Microsoft has been using its marquee operating system to collect information on users' web surfing behavior so as to target them with personalized ads and recommendations. Right now, most users may think their only option is to accept the full telemetry level.

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Microsoft has come under fire from a Dutch privacy watchdog over claims the tech giant collected data from personal computers using its Windows 10 package.

Replying to the concerns raised by the Dutch agency, Microsoft said it is working to comply with the Dutch data protection law. With that, the company is now moving on to platforms like Android and iOS.

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