North Korea's Latest ICBM Broke Up on Re-entry

Laura Christensen
December 6, 2017

The network reported that the launch was seen by two South Korean aircraft traveling to Seoul from the United States.

South Korea's military says the missile flew ten times higher than the International Space Station.

The flight was far enough from the missile test not to be in danger, but The Guardian says the incident highlights the "unforeseen danger" of North Korea's tests.

An airplane crew flying over Japan saw North Korea's missile as it plunged back through the atmosphere last week, their airline said, as South Korea and the USA kicked off their largest ever joint air exercise.

After the North launched dozens of rockets and ballistic missiles that year, South Korea complained to the United Nations Security Council and global aviation and maritime organizations about the lack of warning.

The crew of the Cathay Pacific flight appears to have seen failure during the re-entry portion of North Korea's missile test.

Cathay Pacific General Manager Mark Hoey sent a statement to the staff stating "today the crew of CX893 reported, 'Be advised, we witnessed the [North Korean] missile blow up and fall apart near our current location, '" according to the South China Morning Post.

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"Though the flight was far from the event location, the crew advised Japan [air traffic control] according to procedures". The North has launched its missiles without warning for years.

The Japanese Parliament declared on Monday that North Korean missile tests are an "unprecedented, significant, and imminent threat" and adopted a resolution condemning last week's launch.

The plane, which was flying from San Francisco to Hong Kong, was over Japan at the time. Were the weapon to be fired on a minimum energy trajectory or standard launch trajectory, there is a possibility the re-entry vehicle would survive.

"With this system, the DPRK [North Korea] has become possessed of another new-type intercontinental ballistic rocket weaponry system capable of carrying super heavy nuclear warheads and attacking the whole mainland of the USA", reported North Korea's state-run KCNA on November 29.

"Singapore Airlines is aware of the reports on the sighting of the North Korean missiles and is closely monitoring the situation", a spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, Senator Lindsey Graham said Sunday on "Face the Nation" that preemptive war in North Korea is "becoming more likely" as the country's improving missile technology presents an increasing threat.

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