Apple May Soon Discontinue the iPhone X, Reports Suggest

Jeannette Daniel
January 24, 2018

Apple isn't the only smartphone brand to sell lower than expected units of its latest model - the overall smartphone industry is reporting lower sales, attributed to many consumers holding onto older phones longer.

According to the latest Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) study, roughly 20 percent of all iPhones sold in the U.S. in the final quarter of past year came with a notch.

CIRP said that the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus were responsible for 61 percent of total United States iPhone sales in the final quarter, while the iPhone X drove 20 percent. The iPhone X sales, reports claimed, accounts for just 20 percent of all iPhone sales. Too bad we still don't know how many iPhones were shipped in total, either in the USA or worldwide, during the December 2017 quarter.

An earlier report already revealed that Apple has stopped manufacturing the iPhone 6 Plus. The business's revenue was up 12.2% on a year-over-year basis. sell-side analysts anticipate that Apple will post 11.15 EPS for the current fiscal year.

According to the Apple document, "orders for whole unit service inventory of some iPhone 6 Plus models may be substituted to an iPhone 6s Plus until the end of March 2018".

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Ming-Chi Kuo isn't going to concoct a story to push off onto investors, so let's assume he has supply chain, or other insider, information about the iPhone X. Odds are he has only bits of information he's trying to put together in a way that makes sense. Predictions lean towards the theory of the iPhone 7 staying as an affordable option for buyers, or also for those who are not keen on face recognition technology yet.

"Additionally, to sell iPhone X at a lower price may have a negative impact on shipments of the new 6.1-inch LCD iPhone in 2H18", the analyst predicted. This is according to a recent survey conducted by research firm Cowen in which they found that interest in Apple's new iPhones has hit an all-time low amongst U.S. carriers.

While Apple iPhone X is no doubt a top of the line product with advanced features and hardware the price of the smartphone is basically the main factor that has been stopping people from actually getting their hands on the device.

Kuo says that to replace iPhone X, Apple may launch iPhone X Plus with a more usable area. According to Kuo Apple will release an iPhone X Plus model with an even bigger screen, hopefully mitigating the issue.

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