Apple to start HomePod sales 09 February in US, UK, Australia

Jeannette Daniel
January 24, 2018

Audio is still really important in all age groups, not just for kids. That's a function already offered by Google Home, Sonos and Amazon Echo speakers, all of which compete directly with the HomePod. HomePod will also use advanced spatial awareness to determine its location in the room, analyze the music that it's now playing, and adjust the sound quality accordingly.

If you're thinking that the Apple HomePod might be some return to form for the iPod line, you're dead wrong.

A waveform icon appears on the top of the device to indicate that Siri is engaged, which compliments integrated touch controls on the device. Per Apple's release, HomePod will be able to carry out lots of commands specifically from Apple Music's 45 million song catalogue. It also learns preferences and tastes that are shared across devices.

The speaker will only work with Apple Music at launch, a subscription service that costs $10 per month.

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Siri can be used to send messages, set timers and reminders, check the weather and listen to shows on Apple Podcasts. Within the HomePod there is a seven tweeter beamform array plus a subwoofer.

The HomePod will also support stereo sound with an additional HomePod. HomePod can control hundreds of home accessories through the HomeKit support. HomePod can turn on the lights, raise the shades, set the desired temperature or make other adjustments and serves as the ideal home hub, enabling remote access and automation. Any app that leverages SiriKit for HomePod - like Facebook's WhatsApp - can work with this function. Setting up the speaker is easy: simply place your iPhone near the speaker, and it will pair the two, according to Apple. If you're in the US, UK, or Australia, you'll be able to say "Hey Siri, play the news", to get a summary of the current headlines.

Measuring 7 inches tall, the cylindrical HomePod is created to integrate with Apple Music, allowing users to call up songs and other music information with voice commands through Siri.

X Consumers who want to queue up Barry White or some other romantic crooner on the device this February 14 will be able to pre-order HomePod online starting this Friday in the USA, United Kingdom and Australia.

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