Benjamin Netanyahu heads to Moscow to warn about Iran in Lebanon

Laura Christensen
January 31, 2018

Israel has always been lobbying the United States and Russian Federation, requesting them to avoid an Iranian foothold in Syria in the context of a possible peace agreement. Netanyahu said. "I made clear to Putin that we will stop it if it doesn't stop by itself".

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said Monday Israel was using "all the options" to prevent the production of missiles in Lebanon, including "political leverage". He added that the agendas for discussion included matters that were important to the national security of Israel. "The Russians understand our position, they understand well the significance that we give to these threats", he said, acknowledging, however, that he can not say the Russians "accepted" the Israeli position.

Netanyahu's visit to Moscow also comes after the Palestinians said they would reject any peace plan presented by the USA administration following Trump's announcement of recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital earlier this month.

He also said Israel will not necessarily need to fight a third war in Lebanon. "I raised our objections and also those I heard from US President [Donald] Trump". Both men, he said, "understand" Israel's positions.

Since then, Netanyahu has held meetings with Putin in Moscow, in between communicating by telephone.

"We see here this very moving presentation of documents from the Sobibor uprising, in which a Jewish Red Army officer led - against all odds - the successful breakout, the breakout to freedom", Netanyahu continued. Netanyahu said he will pass it on to Yad Vashem. "That is our mission today as well".

Putin responded by noting the historical tie that the Russian and Jewish people have over their suffering in World War II, during which six million Jews and some 20 million Russians were killed.

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"As you may know, in our country there were many victims, practically in every family". Among the Jews murdered by the Nazis, there were many citizens of the Soviet Union [and] Russian Federation. They are the ones who made a great contribution in the defeat of the Nazis.

"We will take this opportunity to talk about our bilateral relations and to discuss the situation in the region", Putin said. Gen. Herzl Halevi, among other officials.

Russia, along with Iran, has given President Bashar al-Assad's government crucial support throughout Syria's almost seven-year war.

Israel has reportedly launched more than 100 attacks on weapons facilities, military convoys and bases inside Syria to blunt Iran's expansion. While Israel refrains from statements about airstrikes on Iranian weapons convoys inside Syria, it often seems apparent that Israeli pilots have carried them out.

"Neither the Iranians nor the Syrians like the fact that we have managed to retain the status quo in their airspace, despite Russia's presence".

Netanyahu and Putin have met several times since Russian Federation started its military campaign alongside President Bashar Assad's forces to coordinate their military moves. In recent months, top Israeli security advisers have met with their Russian counterparts regularly to maintain cooperation in that regard. This is the original of Oscar Schindler's letter to his wife.

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