More Women Come Forward Accusing Nelly Of Sexual Assault

Anita Tucker
January 28, 2018

The recent accusations were made public after TMZ reported Monique Greene, his first accuser, filed an injunction asking a judge to legally demand Nelly from sexually assaulting other women. Nelly has a "pattern of conduct" that demonstrates he "preyed upon his selected female fans", the lawsuit argues.

According to an amended complaint, Jane Doe 1 says that the "Country Grammer" rapper, 43, masturbated in front of her in a dressing room after a concert in December and grabbed her head in an attempt to get her to participate in oral sex. He placed his hand on her leg, rubbed it and put his hand up her dress.

In the second anonymous allegation, a woman identified as "Jane Doe No. 2" and a mother of three alleges that last December, she and a group of friends attended a Nelly show in Essex, England. The complaint details how Nelly would pick women in the audiences/venues of his shows, invite them and their friends to an after-party, or some other post-gig event via a member of his entourage, and then quickly separate the chosen lady from her friends.

Greene describes in detail Nelly's MO in what she says is a plot to sexually assault women. She says that she tried continually to "evade and refuse him", but he overpowered her, grabbing her hand and putting it on his penis. She asked if he was going to hit her and the rapper allegedly responded "No, I'm just frustrated, I'm not used to not getting my way, just do it". He bragged about how many women wanted him, before putting his hands down her top and trying to pull it off. Nelly allegedly invited Doe 2 to the room next door, where Doe 2 claims Nelly dropped his pants, started masturbating, tried to remove her top, and told her, "You want this d*ck don't you".

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After blocking the doorway, he allegedly dropped his trousers and began pleasuring himself. She realized then that he expected to have sex with her. Accusations that Nelly's current wifey pushed back against this past Thursday (Jan. 25). Jane Doe 2 was in utter shock.

Back in October, a fan accused Nelly of raping her aboard his tour bus. He then allegedly forced her down and shoved his penis in her mouth before she was able to twist out of his reach and scramble out of the room.

Nelly previously said he intends to sue Greene, who accused him of rape, but has not commented on the new allegations against him.

You can read the full complaint below.

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