North Korea Could Nuke The US In A Few Months: CIA Chief

Laura Christensen
January 31, 2018

In November, North Korea said it had successfully tested a new type of ICBM that could reach all of the US mainland and South Korea.

Selva's assessment matches Defense Secretary Jim Mattis' statement last month that he did not view North Korea's missile program as a "capable threat" now to the USA mainland. In keeping with that judgment, he vowed to "continue working with my colleagues for nothing less than complete disbarment of North Korea and securing the peace in Northeast Asia".

North Korea will be wiped off the world map should it use nuclear weapons on South Korea or the United States.

"We talk about him having the capability to deliver a nuclear weapon to the United States in a matter of a handful of months".

Prosecutors also said three others were being investigated on suspicion of forgery and violating laws on terrorism financing, and have been released on bail.

More than 40 South Koreans, including skiers, supporting staff and pool reporters, are on standby for the scheduled flight from the Yangyang airport in the South's eastern province of Gangwon to the Kalma airport in the North Korean city Wonsan.

The Trump administration announced new sanctions on North Korea last week, continuing a strategy that has focused on squeezing the regime financially in hopes of drawing them to the bargaining table.

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All told, about 500 million XEM tokens, worth roughly $420 million, was stolen from Coincheck , according to Bloomberg . Regardless of the official tally, it's a major theft, surpassing the ~$340 million that was famously stolen from Mt.

The statement came in response to reports by Reuters last week that North Korea has been exporting coal via Russian ports and has continued to do so following a UNSC ban on August 5.

The skiers are reserve members of South Korea's national team and won't be participating in the Pyeongchang Games that start February 9.

North Korea will also dispatch a 230 member cheerleading squad to the Olympic games in the neighboring South.

"In confronting these terrible dangers, we know that weakness is the surest path to conflict, and unmatched power is the surest means to our true and great defense", he said. "I think they are doing this to defend their own position", he said. That we'll push back in a way that is sufficiently robust that the impact they have on our election won't be great.

As deputy head of the USA delegation to multinational talks with North Korea that started in 2003, he has firsthand experience navigating the shoals of negotiations with Pyongyang.

Leading up to the State of the Union, critics said the president is dangerously flirting with the idea of nuclear war.

Many were outraged at the decision not to impose further sanctions on Putin's Russian Federation. The act increased sanction against Russian Federation, while limiting the President's ability to decrease sanctions without the approval of congress. The list is meant to "name-and-shame" potentially corrupt figures connected to Vladimir Putin.

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