Reported plan for government wireless network gets panned

Dora Pope
January 30, 2018

The U.S. has to build superfast 5G wireless technology quickly because "China has achieved a dominant position in the manufacture and operation of network infrastructure", and "China is the dominant malicious actor in the Information Domain", the document said, according to Axios. The documents call for the creation of the nationwide network within three years, despite the ongoing development of a privately-held network now under construction by companies such as like Samsung, Intel, Nokia, and Huawei.

The first option says the government can pay for and build the single 5G network, without the consultation of private companies.

The US government could build its own super-fast 5G network in a bid to counter security threats from China and other countries.

NEW YORK (AP) - Telecommunications regulators and industry groups voiced opposition Monday to a government-built wireless network that the Trump administration is reportedly considering.

Wireless carriers AT&T Inc. "Any federal effort to construct a nationalized 5G network would be a costly and counterproductive distraction from the policies we need to help the United States win the 5G future".

Each of the four nationwide cell phone carriers - Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint - are developing and testing 5G network technology.

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The federal government would also, according to the memo, be able to use the banner of national security to create a federal process for installing the wireless equipment, preventing states and cities from having their own rules for where the equipment could go.

Leaked documents show that the Trump administration is considering plans to nationalize the 5G network. "If that utility were to become operational, it would effectively offer an opportunity for an unlimited number of retail resale providers to offer wireless services capable of gigabit speeds to throughout the United States".

Reporters from Axios got their hands on the presentation and published the details Sunday evening. The national network would be a way for the federal government to steer contracts to preferred providers and to nurture a network-equipment market that is free of Chinese influence. Recently, the USA government helped squash a deal between Huawei and AT&T that would have seen the carrier offer one of the Chinese tech company's phones. The goal is no secret, the official said, citing a line in the recently released national security strategy: "We will improve America's digital infrastructure by deploying a secure 5G Internet capability nationwide". The news outlet also warned that if the plan were to move forward, a "fierce debate" will probably ensue throughout the Trump administration.

The document claims that "the current algorithm battles are slowly drifting in China's favor as companies like Google build Al research centers inside China's information sphere and world class data scientists mine the data (ours and theirs) without restraint".

Government control of 5G infrastructure would be unprecedented and highly controversial, as the industry has traditionally been privately controlled.

Meanwhile, Verizon and AT&T have made strides in testing 5G networks.

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