Instagram testing feature alerting users of people taking screenshots of stories

Dora Pope
February 15, 2018

The days of quietly lurking on someone's Instagram may be numbered, as the app begins testing a feature that would let you know if somebody has screenshotted your story. There is hope: if people stop watching stories because they can't creep on others, Instagram could cancel the new notifications before they even roll it out to everyone.

If you're anxious about people grabbing screenshots of your stories, visit the Stories main page-where you can see a list of public posts-and look for the pinwheel-shaped camera shutter icon next to the name of an account.

However, with the proposed new feature, all of that is set to change as there would be a notification informing a user the moment their Stories have been grabbed by someone else.

According to images shared on Twitter, these notifications can be found in the "seen by" area in the bottom left corner when users view their own Instagram stories. Instagram has started testing a new feature that alerts users when someone tries to snap a screenshot of the stories they share.

Also, we have known that some of the Instagram users have been taking screenshots of the Stories posted by others and publishing or sharing it with other so that they can watch it anytime. If you thought this was the end of it then you're wrong.

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If you're browsing Instagram on a laptop or desktop, users can screenshot a story from your browser window.

But suppose you have no ability to feel shame and continue to take screenshots anyway.

Both Mac and Windows computers have screenshot functions. That's because there's a chance some accounts could lessen their use of the app if they find out that they can't screenshot posts under the radar.

Instagram already reveals when users capture content sent in a direct message. The alert system could discourage creepers from getting around that restriction to take embarrassing screenshots, and could help you spot abuse that you'd otherwise miss.

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