Leaked iOS supply code could also be largest leak in historical past

Dora Pope
February 11, 2018

Motherboard is out today with a follow-up on how Apple's iBoot source code was leaked.

However, Apple has since downplayed the leak, saying that the source code was for iBoot running on iOS 9. Rusty Carter, VP of Product at Arxan Technologies commented below.

Motherboard reports that the source code for the iBoot, a core component of Apple's operating system, was posted on Github early this week.

"No one is sure who leaked the code, but made its way to a Discord server before someone uploaded it to a Mega archive and linked it on Reddit with the title "[news] iboot bootrom ibss ibec illb source codes". It's not yet known who leaked the code and what their motives for leaking it was.

"This is the biggest leak in history", Levin told Motherboard, confirming that the code - whose source is unknown - may be legit. All the same, it hit GitHub with a DMCA request to have the hosted files taken down.

It contributes source code to the open source community, Apple pointed out.

According to Apple, 93% of its users are using iOS 10 or above.

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A security expert said that the code appears to be genuine, although it refers to an older version of the system. Also, the reason this code is so vital as it is responsible for starting up an iOS device, or in other words, loads iOS in the first place each time the device is turned on.

But leaks of this kind potentially open up the scope for iPhone hacking and no doubt a degree of furore will be churning away in communities that love nothing more than getting stuck into a piece of private code.

Unfortunately for the company, copies of the code have already become available to many, and it remains to be seen if those prove to be disruptive to iOS devices.

With a hack like this, anyone could bypass the security measures from Apple and unlock your phone with it. Some may say it won't make any difference but then Apple wouldn't have taken the trouble to take down the iBoot through a legal notice if it contains nothing that can work against its interest.

'There are many layers of hardware and software protections built into our products, and we always encourage customers to update to the newest software releases to benefit from the latest protections, ' the firm added.

Since the code that was leaked handles loading the OS, the bugs can be used for anything from enabling jailbreaks to loading something prior to the OS, Gorenc noted.

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