Omarosa Draws Trump-Cosby Comparison on 'Celebrity Big Brother'

Ashley Carr
February 10, 2018

"I had an inkling things weren't going to be O.K. when Trump hired Omarosa to work in the White House", Colbert said. After all, it was only a couple of months ago that she was part of a historically chaotic administration that nonetheless runs our country.

And now the lavish home where Celebrity Big Brother contestants will be living in for the next month has been unveiled, just days before the highly anticipated premiere.

On "Big Brother", Matthews asked Manigault-Newman if the American public needed to be anxious, to which she gave a quick nod.

Manigault said she was "haunted" by President Donald Trump's tweets "every single day" and said the country is "going to not be OK". "It's bad", she said. "I felt like I was serving my country, not him", Omarosa, in a hushed voice, tells Ross why she accepted the job as director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison before officially resigning on January 20. You know I'd like to say not my problem, but I can't say that because like it's bad.

'It has just been so incredibly hard to shoulder what I shouldered for two years because I was loyal to a person and I did not realize that by being loyal to him, it was going to mean I would lose 100 other friends, ' Omarosa explained.

"Not very seriously", said spokesman Raj Shah, when asked about how the White House reacted to the comments.

I get why it's tempting to take Manigault's remorse at face value. Prior to that, she had been a reality star from Trump's The Apprentice. Pulliam made it clear she wasn't buying it.

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Well, Colbert didn't have much pity for her.

The self-proclaimed legend knew the cards were stacked against her from the beginning and she quickly began working overtime to overcome this, masking her ruthlessly competitive nature by focusing exclusively on her social game.

Somehow, all of this isn't the only dirt Manigault has kicked up in her few days in the Big Brother house.

Manigault continued to stand by her statement in her own confessional. With roommate Shannon Elizabeth, she's giddy and excitable, holding hands and preaching the virtues of girl power. She compared Pulliam's support for disgraced actor Bill Cosby during his sexual assault trial, to her former support for Trump.

Sources have said she was axed by Chief of Staff John Kelly and escorted out of the White House.

I felt like it was like a call of duty.

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