Should you see Black Panther?

Anita Tucker
February 16, 2018

That includes the "Black Panther Challenge", a viral online fundraising effort that started with plans to help kids in Harlem see the movie.

Domestically, "Black Panther" will launch in previews on Thursday night before debuting across 4,020 locations. (Please.) Instead, just know that these comics-career-making work from writer Don McGregor, with art from Billy Graham and Rich Buckler-were the first attempts to actually tackle the subject of race and nationality in relation to the character, leading to criticism that the series' initial Wakanda-based storyline was "too black".

Also starring Michael B Jordan, Lupita Nyong'o, Andy Serkis among others, the film releases in India on Friday. That makes it the highest-rated superhero film ever on the platform. We need this movie right now. "And that's the thing that people may get lost with all the sort of, you know, preoccupation with politics and race", Smith said.

Martin Freeman
Martin Freeman

Can you name three great Marvel movie villains?

We had the opportunity to sit down with him in the lead-up to the release of Black Panther, and we chatted about getting the villain right, as well as how easy (or hard?) it is for a director to inject a bit of their own style and personality into a machine as well-oiled as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What Ryan Coogler does well in Black Panther, he does exceedingly well - what he can't fully do is shake the inevitable constraints that come with the genre. Earnest and hopeful where Priest's earlier take was sarcastic and misanthropic, it's a counterpoint to much of what had come before, demonstrating the breadth of potential inside T'Challa. "It's a diverse story, it is long overdue, and there's this social media movement that's happening that I think is galvanizing ticket sales like we never have seen before", Witherspoon added.

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