Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Merchandising Products Appear In GameStop Listings

Dora Pope
March 7, 2018

A Gamestop employee sheds new light on recent Black Ops 4 rumors.

Yeah, we know. It's rather weird.

Developer Treyarch's Call of Duty: Black Ops III's latest update for PlayStation 4 involves a new multiplayer mode, and a new map.

What do you think of the logo?

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The update on PC seems to be a bit delayed from the console counterparts, but Treyarch's director of development confirms on Twitter that it will hit the platform today. You can check out the full Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 patch notes below, but the main addition here is the "Infected" game mode.

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While it is quite curious GameStop already has hinted at these products, this would not be the first time the retailer gets informed so much ahead of the official reveal by its longtime partner publisher Activision. But here's the thing: the title will apparently be written as "Black Ops IIII", because Activision does not give a single functional crap about how Roman numerals work. The map is a wintry version of the map, called "Redwood Snow". This popular game type starts with one person who's infected, and it's that player's job to infect everyone else in the game by killing them.

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