Fortnite Mobile Sign-Ups Now Open

Camille Francis
March 14, 2018

Epic Games announced last week that Fortnite Battle Royale would be making its way to iOS and Android devices later this year, to the surprise of many.

Once you sign-up to be part of Fortnite's iOS testing, you'll be directed to an App Store link that lets you download the game.

While Fortnite: Battle Royale and its competitor, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, have established the genre on PC and consoles, mobile is already a fertile space for these kinds of games. Sign-ups for the iOS version actually began today and reports say there were so many people attempting to sign up that the site crashed briefly. Players who receive invites straight from Epic Games should also get an invide code to share with one of their friends.

Are you way too excited about the concept of taking Fortnite: Battle Royale with you wherever you go? Fortnite's mobile controls seem similar to other mobile games, with a touch joystick on the left side of the display and face buttons for actions like aiming down the scope, jumping, and crouching. Expect to wait a "few months" for Android support though. And in a statement to Kotaku, Microsoft placed the blame squarely on Sony, which is apparently blocking the ability for Xbox One to PS4 cross-play.

Mario comes to Google Maps as a celebration of Mario Day
But remember, make sure to avoid sharing personal details like your home or work address (seriously, think before you post ). It appears that the Mario Day Easter egg has already begun to roll out to everyone, so expect to see it on your app soon.

This mobile invite event is now only available for iOS users and it is unknown how many users will be selected, whether the selection is via lottery, or if it is first come first serve.

As well as the addition of llamas this week, Fortnite V3.3 will remove smoke grenades from the game entirely as they just aren't getting much use in play.

Luckily, rather than instantly pitting mobile players against PC players and the ensuing bloodbath that will follow, Epic have come up with a rather interesting solution.

The game now is invite only for the iOS but you can get your invite by going Here.

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